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Look in the mirror. What do you see? Is it the truest reflection of yourself?

The Mirror Collection from JDS takes the dazzling radiance of diamonds to an entirely new level. Utilizing reflected light, hand-selected diamonds float atop a mirrored landscape blanketed in gold to emit bursts of sparkling light outward to the surface. The reflection and refraction of natural light flows through hand-selected diamonds that lie above the white gold center of each Mirror Collection piece, giving them an unrivaled and unparalleled shimmering, luminescent action.

Ever since the original design was introduced, this patented and trademarked collection has grown from four variations of the same design to hundreds of stunning pieces, and is unlike anything in the world today. The powerful brilliance of reflected light dancing across a canvas of diamonds proves why.

Diamonds are meant to shine. Mirrors unleash their reflected beauty. Discover the truest reflection of yourself. Discover the Mirror Collection, only from Jewelry Designer Showcase.


Product Details

  • Combining old world quality and craftsmanship with new age technology, this exclusive, worldwide-patented and trademarked collection is like no other.
  • Crafted in 18kt gold with premium cut diamonds to maximize the beauty, this stunning collection features versatile designs including rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces created with a clip-top, enhancer bale so they can be worn over a chain, pearls or with the black leather collar.
  • Truly a one of a kind collection, The Mirror Collection is not only beautiful and fashionable, the designs are like works of art as well.


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Mirror Collection
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