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Go Petal to the Metal with a Bold Floral Look!

Two of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders, Roses and Diamonds, come together in perfect union. Behold the Floral Collection from JDS. Just as every rose is unique in its color, shape, and stem, so too is this fabulous collection from Jewelry Designer Showcase.

The world’s favorite flower takes on an entirely new life when matched with the shimmering diamond surface of every piece of this exclusive jewelry collection. Perfect for accenting your favorite attire, or as the focal point to your look for all to admire, the Floral Collection brings vivacious color to a radiant style that is naturally and uniquely you.

Go petal to the metal with the classic and colorful Floral Collection, only from Jewelry Designer Showcase.


Product Details

  • Jewelry and Flowers – two of the most time-honored gift-giving traditions – are now combined to create an everlasting symbol of love – The “JDS Floral Collection™”
  • 12 of the most desired rose colors are carefully brought to life in a marriage of pave diamonds and rich colored gemstones – Blue sapphire, Champaign diamonds, Black diamonds, ruby, garnet, blue topaz, emerald, orange sapphire, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, peridot and amethyst
  • Collection pieces crafted in 18kt include matching pendants, earrings, bangles and rings, each with its own signature Trademark on the back or inside, that when brought together complete the whole rose image!


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Floral Collection
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