Welcome to "The House of JDS"

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Welcome to the House of JDS

JDS Mirror Collection™

What do you see in the mirror? Your strength… your dreams… your love? The "JDS Mirror Collection™" is an expression of all these because it’s a reflection of you. Look inside and see… diamonds floating over a mirror of gold… As enjoyable to look at as they are to wear, these artful designs come alive with their own inner brilliance.

From stunning all-diamond styles to breathtaking colored gemstones creations, The "JDS Mirror Collection™" has something for everyone. 18 karat gold designs in white and yellow gold have a contemporary feel with a timeless beauty. Matching pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and chokers complete the look and make collecting new pieces fun. It’s the perfect jewelry for everyday wear, yet elegant enough for the evening.

JDS Floral Collection™

Flowers and jewelry are two of the most time honored gift giving traditions. In the new “JDS Floral Collection™”, the Rose combines their beauty into an everlasting symbol of love. The most desired colors are brought to life in a marriage of pave diamonds and gemstones. Every authentic “JDS Floral Collection™” piece contains a signature trademark, a guarantee it’s an original.

This rose can never fade, so it will be an everlasting reminder of when it was given.

JDS Symbols Bridal™

Anniversary Band Collection

Your Anniversary Band should be as special as your lifelong journey. In the new "JDS Symbols Bridal Collection™", you can choose the style ring you have always wanted. Next, by placing your birthstones in the Infinity Symbol you share how far you’ve come. Then, by placing a birthstone in each single heart you can symbolize each member of your family. A family ring inside, an anniversary ring outside.  

Symbols Bridal™ tells your story… YOUR MINE OURS™...

JDS Symbols Bridal™

Engagement/Wedding Band Collection

In your "JDS Symbols Bridal Collection™" Engagement ring, you can symbolize when your hearts became one by placing both of your birthstones in the Intertwined Hearts Symbol. Then, a gemstone in the single heart marks the month you got engaged.

Inside your "JDS Symbols Bridal Collection™" Wedding band, you can show when your journey began by placing your birthstones in the Infinity Symbol. A gemstone in the single heart marks the month you got married.

Symbols Bridal™ tells your story…. YOURS MINE OURS™…

JDS Classics & Signature Collection™ 

The "JDS Classics & Signature Collection™" offers a dazzling mix of enduring classics and unique contemporary styles. Not all diamond jewelry is created equal.  It takes true artistry and the finest materials to create the heirloom quality of the "JDS Classics and Signature Collection™"

Each of our diamond intense pieces are meticulously set to allow the true beauty of each diamond to shine. Diamonds are hand selected for their brilliance and carefully set in rich 18 karat gold. These pieces are coveted by discerning consumers worldwide for their quality and old world craftsmanship.   They are stunning when worn alone or in matching suites.

The "JDS Classics and Signature Collection™"... It's the pinnacle of luxury and elegance... 


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