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JDS Mirror Collection

What do you see in the mirror? Your strength… your dreams… your love? The JDS Mirror Collection is an expression of all these because it’s a reflection of you. Look inside and see… diamonds floating over a mirror of gold… As enjoyable to look at as they are to wear, these artful designs come alive with their own inner brilliance.

From stunning all-diamond styles to breathtaking colored gemstones creations, The Mirror Collection has something for everyone. 18 karat gold designs in white and yellow gold have a contemporary feel with a timeless beauty. Matching pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and chokers complete the look and make collecting new pieces fun. It’s the perfect jewelry for everyday wear, yet elegant enough for the evening.

Birth Bangles

Birth Bangles help you to celebrate the birth and life of your child, grandchild or godchild by stylishly combining the beauty of the child’s birth flower and birth stone, as well as engraving the child’s name and date of birth right on your bangle, to create a stunning personal statement and the ultimate expression of love.

JDS Symbols Bridal Collection

Inside the shank of your engagement ring there are two intertwined hearts which symbolize your hearts have become one, while inside the shank of the wedding band is the infinity symbol, symbolizing that you have begun your life long journey together.

JDS Signature & Classics Collection 

JDS Signature & Classics Collection offers a dazzling mix of enduring classics and unique contemporary styles. Each of our diamond intense collections are meticulously set to allow the true beauty of each diamond to shine.

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